Quality certifications: SA8000

Corporate social responsibility outlines company behaviour which aims to reconcile economic objectives with ethical and social ones and those that safeguard the worker, engaging all players involved in the workings of the company.

A company guided by the principles of social responsibility, which is willing to undergo certification, demonstrates integrity, transparency and the willingness to invest in the medium to long-term in its company culture and that of those it collaborates with.
In this context, the Social Accountability 8000 standard (abbreviated to SA8000) and its checking system represents a comprehensive, efficient tool with high credibility, which ensures the concrete commitment of a company in the pursuit of a fairer society, not only in facts but also in deeds and in the dissemination of its own sphere of influence.

"Do what you can to show you care about other people, and you will make our world a better place".
Rosalynn Carter

Additional documentation

Below you can download additional documentation that F.A.M.A.R. s.r.l. is willing to share with its stakeholders. This documentation is updated at least once a year or when deemed necessary.

1) F.A.M.A.R. s.r.l. SA8000 Social Responsibility Budget
2) SA 8000 2016 Certificate
3) Remedy procedures for child labour
4) F.A.M.A.R. s.r.l. Social Responsibility Policy
5) Staff recruitment Policy

Staff protection

FAMAR holds the conditions of workers employed by the company in particularly high regard. For this reason, we certify our conditions with utmost transparency and we have been honoured to receive the certificate Workplace Conditions Assessment by Interek.

Legality Rating

The legality rating is a concise indicator of the company’s compliance with high standards of legality. It is issued by the AGCM – Italian Competition Authority - and takes the shape of a rating of between a minimum of one and a maximum of three stars. Famar has been awarded two stars and a plus.
For more information: www.agcm.it

Flags, comments, observations

In order to ensure that all workers and interested parties can easily flag any aspects, the company has established a flagging system.

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List of reports received

A list of flags received, which is updated at least every 60 days, can be found below.
Date of the report Subject of the report Date of response to the report Response / resolution implemented
YEAR 2016 from month 08 (Internal and External) No reports received    
YEAR 2017 (Internal and External) No reports received    
YEAR 2018 (Internal and External) No reports received    
YEAR 2019 (Internal and External) 1 internal notification received 21-01-2020 Not relevant report
YEAR 2020 (Internal and External) No reports received    
YEAR 2021 (Internal and External) No reports received    
YEAR 2022 (Internal and External) No reports received    
YEAR 2023 (Internal and External) 1 internal notification received 09-06-2023 Not relevant report
01-2024 (Internal and External) No reports received    
02-2024 (Internal and External) No reports received    
03-2024 (Internal and External) No reports received    


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